Friday, August 4, 2006

...I suppose the time has finally come where I actually leave this blog for good. I can't remember how many times I've written that sentence here before, because it has been quite a lot over the years, but this time I mean it for real.

I haven't written here in almost a year, and this blog is pretty much dead to me. I have changed a lot, so in many ways this blog is like a living testament to who I use to be. ... Okay, I haven't actually changed that much to warrant such a dramatic statement, but hopefully you know what I mean. Besides, I started this blog back when I was in high school. It feels kind of strange to continue writing here, knowing that. It's like listening to music you loved when you were younger -- although you still sort of like the song, it's just.. like you outgrew it or something.

So, since I don't want my lame entries from last year to be this blog's final say, I figured I should give it a proper send off. Starting with this layout. I made it in Spring 2005, and at the time really liked it. Then I made my "Crystal Rain" Detective Conan layout (which I still love immensely) and decided to use it instead. Thus starting a chain of pushing this layout aside in favor of other blog layouts. I can't end my blog with this bad blood still in the air, right? Of course not! Blog layouts have feelings too, maybe. Thus why I leave it as the final layout. Honestly I don't really care for it anymore, but if I reuse the Crystal Rain Detective Conan layout, not only will not using this layout haunt the back of my mind whenever I remember this blog, but I will want to start writing here again. Because I really do love that Conan layout. But no, I must not think about it because I am sticking with this layout. *nods*

Besides, it's not like this is the end of the road. I'm moving on to more crowded pastures, mainly being LiveJournal. The layout modification isn't as modify-able as it is here, and the number of usable icons are limited, but they have free spell check, comments, and stuff like that. Although truthfully, the comments thing still kinda scares me, and I can use any icon I want here. Plus... I don't seem to write there very much, and when I do it's not nearly as in-depth as it is here. I'm not sure why. Here, I feel at home and can write whatever I want. But there, I feel pressure to limit the type of stuff I say, and anything long should go under an lj-cut as to spare my "friends list" having to scroll past all my crap. I respect the politeness of using lj-cuts, but I can't seem to get past the white starkness of writing in LJ. Maybe it's still too new to me. Maybe I don't want to post my sketch blogs or random silliness there because the thought of people seeing it is more upfront in my brain than it is here, where I don't really think about the people who randomly find this place. (Ha, sorry. ^^') Maybe it's because I've written my thoughts here (where the page is a soft lavender, not stark white!) for so many years, it's difficult to adjust to someplace else.

...See? It's the Power of Pitas -- I'm trying to say my goodbyes, and instead I start blogging random crap. *sighs* I'm going to miss this place. I had a lot fun writing here, and making layouts for it. And now that I figured out a way to use icons here, I'm disappointed that I didn't use them more often. Especially now that I've made a bunch of my own icons, and can't use them all at LJ. But, such is life. All good things come to an end, and it's time I closed this chapter. However, it's nice (or worrisome) to know that this blog will remain online for all to read, as long as and/or the Internet is up and running. Heh, I almost want to print out all of the entries and turn it into a journal in case this site ever does go down. But that would take a loooot of paper. And ink, for the colored layouts. ... Maybe later, when I'm rich and famous and can afford such indulgences.

Until then, my dear Pitas blog, adieu. May you stay safe and well, and forever remind me of how I use to be, and why I am so silly. And may you grant the readers here a few chuckles at my expense, as well. Adieu, adieu! ;_;

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I am Jade
Finally saying Goodbye

This layout is version 29, featuring a screenshot of Presea and lyrics from the song "Such Great Heights" (Iroh and Wine version).

I made this layout back in Spring 2005, but never used it. Now that I am closing this blog, it makes better sense to use this layout than to create a new one. Even though I don't really care for this layout anymore, and the lyrics kinda make me sound stuck up. Still love the song, though.

Html was writen in Notepad, images modified in PSP7. Presea & Tales of Symphonia is (c) Namco, brushes used are from SimplyBrush. Lyrics are from "Such Great Heights" sung by Iron and Wine